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tv   News  Al Jazeera America  March 4, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> you're listening because you want to see what's going to happen. >> i want to know what works what do you know works? >> conversations you won't find anywhere else. >> talk to al jazeera. >> only on al jazeera america. >> oh my! jazeera. ♪ hello there, you are watching the news hour live from our headquarters in do -- doha and i'm lori and they said they did not invade ukraine but invited to step in. standoff with ukraine troops in crimea. a court in egypt banned all hamas activities in the country. a push for independence, we take a look at the historic and
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cultural relationship between scott land and england as the sides continue to make their case. and racing to be crowned top dog and alaska's biggest horsing event. ♪ and russia has said that it has a legal basis for its intervention in ukraine. it says former president viktor yanukovych asked for russia's help and appears to be no sign that russia intends to pull its troops out of ukraine's crimea region and the international pressure on russia is mounting. u.s. actually john kerry is due to immediate the leaders on tuesday to show support. the u.s. is suspending military exercises and trade talks with russia and says it may consider sanctions. meanwhile an international body that keeps an eye on security in europe is conducting a fact-finding mission in ukraine.
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there has been a standoff between russia and ukrainian troops at an air base in crimea and soldiers have apparently agreed to cooperate with the russians. the ukrainian soldiers at the base walked toward russian troops carrying ukraine and soviet flags and in a moment we will be live in moscow with rory but let's go to crimea where we have lawrence lee standing by. lawrence it has been a pretty eventful morning. what is the situation there? >> well, it's midday here in crimea and we may be about to learn something new perhaps as to the direction of travel in this conflict. remember all that talk of ultimati mushgs -- ultimatium and no shots have been fired yet but what happened at balbeck
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military air base in estopple, soldiers approached the armed russians guarding the base and said to them they wanted to be able to maintain their own aircraft and propose to the russians, if not demand to the russians, they be allowed to jointly patrol the base. that is quite a destabilizing thing to say to the russians partly because the ukrainians were unarmed and therefore posed no threat to them but what should russians do in response because if they let it happen for a start the implication is that the ukrainian troops believe they are no more on the side of so-called fascits from kiev than anybody else down here but if russians let it happen it would reassess a little bit of ukrainian sovereignty over their own military and at the moment they absolutely have not got. the russian man ders went away
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and said they would give the ukrainians an answer to their question by midday which is now. and so i guess we will find out in the coming minutes if that's going to happen and what the implications might be and if not what do they do. because they either have to march them away at gunpoint or something else and we don't know what that is. it could be quite a significant moment. >> absolutely. we are sitting here and all seems like an incredibly tense situation, appearing that one false move and the whole thing could escalate very quickly. >> well, yes. though you could equally say that clearly there is not much appetite from the russian from the ukrainian side to start a fight. remember, up until now the russian troops adopted what they would see entirely as defensive positions and having their photographs taken with pro-russian local and smoking
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cigarettes in many places and have not had clips loaded on their guns and they have been, i think, at pains to point out they don't want to be seen as an aggressive force equally. by the same token the body language and symbolism from the ukraine troops this morning was equally passive and one was a soviet flag from the second world war saying they fought against fascism but are no longer but carried a ukraine flag and the implication of that is they want to be see potentially being on the russian side but won't surrender and will not swear allegiance to the flag and there is not resistance going on but a sense of defiance as well. >> reporter: lawrence, thanks for keeping us up to date with the events in crimea and we will keep a close eye on things there. russia appears to be moving more military assets to the region
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and russian war ships passed through in istambul and saying they may go to ukraine and they are in ukraine by a lesser sense of viktor yanukovych asking for military help and we are at the u.n. and we sent this report. >> the third security council meeting about ukraine in four days. this time it was called by the russian ambassador and it soon became clear why. and he had a letter from deposed president yanukovych. >> translator: russia accused of many security council members of invading crimea. no, said ambassador, we were invited in. >> translator: and prompted strong condemnation from other ambassadors. >> reporter: russia has every right to wish that events in ukraine turned out differently but it does not have the right to express that unhappiness
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using military force or trying to convince the world community that up is down and black is white. >> reporter: the russian representative claims mr. yanukovych called for russian military intervention. we are talking about a former leader who abandoned his office, his capitol and his country. the idea that his pronouncements convey legitimacy whatsoever is farfetched and keeping with the rest of russia's bogus justification for the actions. after the meeting the russian ambassador spoke to reporters. that letter you got there, do you believe it makes your military intervention in crimea legal? >> we believe that the person, we believe legally is present of ukraine also shares our concerns here and concerns of large segments of the ukraine population about what is going on and is appealing to russia to use our armed forces in order to change the situation and prevent
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the situation from further deteriorating. >> reporter: they say they invaded crimea and against the law and the charter and russia produced this letter which says it got a request from the man they say is still the legitimate president of ukraine. a global crisis, difficult and still dangerous just got more complicated. james with al jazeera of the u.n. the economy took a hit by this on monday but let's keep things in perspective. on the stock exchange $60 billion was wiped off the value of russian companies but bear in mind russia was able to spend $51 billion on a luxury like the sochi olympic games and russia spent $12 billion to prop up the currency. the ruble and that is less than 3% of a country's total foreign currency reserves. and it still has plenty more money in its war chest.
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the uncertainty in the market is not all bad news for russia. the price of ail and gas which some of the main exports is expected to rise. well, united states and the european union are considering sanctions against russia but what will it comprise and how much bite will they have? the u.s. has called a halt to further trade talks with russia but there is a question over the existing ties and the current trade between the two is worth $38 billion and it's not clear if it will be touched and u.s. president barack obama is considering sanctions against some russian officials and asset freezes and visa bands and a question of whether or not to target one of russia's income streams, oil and gas. eu imports a third of its gas from russia so in such sanctions could hurt the eu more than the
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target and to consider going down the road the eu would work with the u.s. and others to cut its reliance on russian imaging. and rory joins us live from moscow. rory we were waiting to home that putin was going to come out and make a statement since the beginning of the crisis in ukraine but what have we heard in response to the threat of action from the u.s. and the eu? >> well, the good news on tuesday for ordinary russians is that after yesterday's catastrophic day in the russian markets, things have rallied somewhat on tuesday. so whereas the stock markets here fell some 10% yesterday, they have clawed back, some of that, not all of it but some of it whereas the ruble tumbled and
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today it rallied somewhat and there will be a lot of russians that are relieved because they were looking agast and looking at the purchasing power there, savings and their salaries tumbled in value. so things are looking better for them but of course this is a crisis that is not over yet by any stretch and if there are sanctions levied against russia which it looks like there will be in some variety or other and of course that will hurt ordinary russians too. we are getting a sort of idea about what russia might do to push back against that, a kind of tit-for-tat war and russia was supposed to look into lifting an import ban on american pork. it has now decided it's not going to look into lifting that ban as we assume some sort of
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push back against america for the potential sanctions that are heading its way. there was talk also earlier on this morning from one of vladimir putin's advisors that russia may dump the dollar as a foreign currency reserve. now, that was fairly quickly squashed by the kremlin saying they were personal views and not necessarily endorsed by the kremlin but we are getting a clearer picture now of potentially what might be coming as a tit-for-tat issue and tradeoff between america, the u.s. and russia. >> reporter: many thanks for bringing us the latest from moscow and keeping an eye out for a putin statement and when that happens we will go straight to it. ahead, more on the moving situation in ukraine including reaction from crimea and
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increased military involvement and a war of words, to take a look at the surge in journalists who have been put behind bars in turkey. plus there is 100 days until the world cup. we will look at how brazil will be using drones as part of the security operation. ♪ an egyptian court band activities of hamas, a palestinian group that rules the gaza strip an ordered the group's assets to be seized. egypt accused hamas of plotting with president mohamed morsi to carry out violence in the country. hamas condemned the ban but there still needs to be endorsed by egypt's government before it comes into effect. and we have a senior leader of hamas and a leader of the ground
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and is calling from beirut and first of all your reaction to all this. >> this is not policy and it will reflect itself to the courts. we believe that hamas is a movement of probation. hamas has no activities in egypt. it only has political contacts we egyptians. and it was the intelligence and after that was the general in the last three years in the intelligence and the federal ministry of foreign affairs. when they talk about banding hamas activities in egypt they are talking about preventing them from talking to hamas. i believe this is not. >> reporter: if i could jump in there because you say there are no activities in egypt but it's
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the case, isn't it, that hamas has offices there and a top official musa lives in cairo. >> well, hamas was done according to agreement of the authorities in egypt that presents and was agreed by the official government in egypt and he is still there with the egyptian officials and i believe when a court makes this decision, it's clear that it's a political decision and that means we have to talk about it to the egyptians and the egyptians have to answer clear questions about their future relations with the palestinian courts whether they decide to cut it to the palestinian and only to keep it with israel and
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prepare to be on the israel side against the palestinian side, it's clear that is not the situation with hamas and also happened elsewhere and when they went to egypt and there was reconciliation in egypt and the answer was it has to accept in hamas the plan. >> reporter: let me just ask you and put something else to you because i just want to ask you one more think because egypt authorities say you have linked to the muslim brotherhood and they say it's a terrorist organization and says hamas has links to al-qaeda fighters in the sinai peninsula and what is your reaction to that? >> egyptian political party is not only with the brotherhood. we have relations with the brotherhood and nationalist and all the political parties in
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egypt. we have no isolations and will continue. and i think what has been done as a political decision brings up a very big question about the future of the egyptian and the palestinian course and it's more than the palestinians. >> reporter: thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us on al jazeera. al jazeera continues to demand the immediate release of its staff being held in egypt. they are due to make the second court appearance on wednesday. mohamed fahmy, peter greste have spent 60 days in prison and accused of spreading false news and al jazeera rejects the charges and from the arabic channel has been held since august and on hunger strike for more than a month to protest against his imprisonment.
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turkey ranks number one in the world for putting journalists in jail. that is according to the committee to protect journalists which says prison terms is be long and court procedures slow, activists say there is a person connecting who is targeted and political tensions in the country and anita has more from istanbul. >> reporter: in 2012 reporter alerted the world to the large number of journists behind bars in turkey. when he found out he himself was facing a 11-year sentence he sought asylum in germany. >> translator: the public has the right to access news and uses oppression and antidomestic lows. >> reporter: they say there are around 63 journalists in turkish jails and the committee to protect journalists and say they
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are low in numbers but turkey topped the list and it's a reflection of the long struggle for kurdish rights and say the political culture in turkey feeds off conflict of antiterrorism, naturalist laws to limit free speech. . >> translator: they are writing for the price, all the pros and always from the left wing and getting arrested too. >> reporter: 2013 protests exposed fault lines in turkish society and media out lets and did not report it and many lost their jobs. and they describe a climate of political and commercial pressure on media in turkey and explained the big media owners have more important interests than publications and don't want to lose their privileges by rocking the boat.
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when corruption investigations naming ministers and officials were launched in mid december the government points to a new hidden enemy, a movement led by islamics and the internet filled with rumors and allegations and the government passed new laws to control them. there is a war going on. this state which is in the hands of others are illegal but they are also very difficult to fight. so the government knee extreme measures. >> reporter: turkey is locked in a vicious circle of conspiracy theories and paranoia and it could break the cycle but more under pressure than ever, anita in istambul. >> fight of the capitol of damascus stopped the distribution of thousands of
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those trapped inside and they deployed fighters and said they have not stopped by the terms of an earlier truce. the u.n. chemical weapons body will meet in the hague on tuesday to discuss syria's new proposal and the destruction of the chemical arsenal and have 100 day plan which would remove all chemical weapons from the country by the end of may. the chemicals would still need to be broken down and destroyed on the american ship. that process would take 90 days. israel's construction of illegal settlement doubled last year according to figures released by the central bureau of statistics. the number of new settlements in 2013 was around 2500. in 2012 it was just over 1100. palestinians say the settlements are jeopardizing any potential
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peace deal. and peace process on the agenda as israel's netanyahu met president obama in washington and the nuclear program was discussed and spoke at the prolobby group in the u.s. and patty has more on that. >> reporter: everything about this annual conviction is meant to project power and the lobby known as aipac and john kerry represented the obama administration this year and insist enthat u.s. support for israel is unwavering. >> every time that israel is subjected to attacks on legitimacy with the u.n. or from any nation, the united states will use every tool we have to defeat those efforts and we will stand with israel. >> reporter: but behind the scenes president barack obama is sending a tougher message, in an interview ahead of the meeting he said that time is running out
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for a deal with the palestinians saying we have seen more aggressive in the last couple years than in a long time and if they come to believe that the possibility of the sovereign palestinian state is no longer within reach, then our ability to manage the international fall out is going to be limited. he also warned of increased international isolation. but on monday he was more subtle when meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> timeframe set up for completing negotiations is coming near and some tough decisions will have to be made. but i know that regardless of the outcome and the prime minister will make those decisions based on his absolute commitment to israel security. >> reporter: netanyahu sent a message in the press, he won't be pressured and repeated that here. >> the best way to guaranty these is to be strong and that's what the people of israel expect
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me to do, to stand strong and go against pressure and stand strong to secure the future of the one and and jewish state. >> reporter: that is a welcome stand to many at the meeting who do not believe that u.s. would ever turn away from israel. >> i think it may be an empty threat. i don't know what will happen when there is a new president and the wind may shift. but it is a process and it's been long and i think that it's going to continue to be hard. >> reporter: the obama administration set the self imposed deadline of the end of april on progress on the talks as netanyahu left after three hours it was not clear if they were a step closer to what still seems a very far away goal, patty in washington. >> reporter: two people have been killed in an attack on nato trucks in pakistan and the trucks were making their way to
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afghanistan from bishore and it's a supply route for the nato mission there and monday was the first day of supplies being led through all they called off the blocade. and they have been paralyzed due to a strike by junior doxis and demanding the release of 36 of their coworkers and they were arrested for allegedly attacking a legislature who questioned them about refusing to treat a patient and the patients are bearing the brunt. >> translator: we are unable to find a doctor and not getting treatment. the doctors are on strike and there is no one to look at issues. >> reporter: a chinese top legislature defended the country's defense spending saying peace can be possessed through strength and it comes before the military budget and they had control of islands in
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the east and south and the country's military power is for defending its people. >> translator: some say if our defense capability increases we cannot develop this but if china development and prosperity are accompanied by weak defense capability can this mean peace? i think the direction of the country should be the main determining factor of the defense capabilities and development. >> reporter: now the latest winter storm in the u.s. is barely over, but another one is expected to hit the east coast. icy conditions forced traffic on one texas highway to backup for nearly 25 kilometers at one point. several accidents blocked the road for a long time and new jersey a television news reporter covering the aftermath of the snowstorm was blasted with a wall of snow from a plow in northern virginia many people stayed off the roads but children took to the sleds and took to their sleds to take
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advantage of the weather. well, let's cross over to everton and everton do you have any good news for us? especially that poor reporter. >> not good news for him but maybe you, we have snow over the mountains of utah and it has been a long, cold winter and afraid there is more to come and no spring break and we can say that. this cold front that is sinking its way down across the southern most parts and the cold air to the north of that stays very much in place. when you get a winter like this one you may as well go with the flow and that is exactly what this farmer in minnesota has done and he has built a 15 meter snow man and it has been so cold over the last five weeks or so he built this enormous structure and there is no sign of any thaw coming over the next few weeks or ten days ahead and across the plains the temperatures will stay below freezing and that will very much stay in place. and also as you can see around
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the lakes and there is snow coming out of utah and push its way into colorado after the next 24-36 hours. and it sweeps across central plains, easing its way further worth wards so look at the temperatures and it's below freezing in chicago and toronto minus 5 is the top temperature and may get above freezing in new york as you can see on wednesday but going into thursday it's back below freezing and further snow making its way toward the mid atlantic states and still snowing over the rockys. >> reporter: and that is indeed good news for skiers. an emergency meeting has been called, the ancient roman city of ponpai as a site crumbles on monday and ash after, eruption years ago and they have a
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project that costs $145 million. plenty more still to come including protests the venezuela over chronic food shortages and spiralling murder rates. and they go well beyond the capitol and we will have the details. and the class is in session for students in nigeria and no, ma'am napted for design award but it may not be enough to keep the school afloat and we will explain why. and children in kenya are under pressure to take up running for a better future and we have that story later this hour. ♪
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♪ hello again, this is al jazeera, i'm laura kyle and these are stories making headlines this hour, ukrainian troops at an air bass near sevastopol agreed to cooperate with forces and soldiers walked toward russian troops carrying ukraine and soviet flags. they said they were asked by viktor yanukovych to send troops in the country and ethnic russians are facing violence and prosecution. and egyptian court band activity of hamas, the group that runs the gaza strip and accused them of plotting with deposed president mohamed morsi and the muslim brotherhood movement to carry out violence in the country. let's take a closer look at russia's statement that it was asked by ukraine's deposed
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leader to intervene militarily and joining me now is donatella who is on security and development on kings college london and thanks for joining us again. does this invitation and letter have any legal standard? >> i think this letter is very shaky. it has very limited legal backing. first it's not clear when this letter was written. we know that when president yanukovych escaped and went to russia he had a press conference and did not mention about asking troops to move into ukraine, on the country, having force for the integrity and on the other hand president yanukovych lost a lot of his legitimacy and not clear if he can talk for the ukrainian people and to be considered really the legal president of ukraine.
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on the other hand, if russia had argued as it has before this letter that the intervention was based on the need to protect russian minorities at risk in ukraine it should ideally have gone first to the security council to ask for authorization and good evidence should have been provided that the rise of these minorities have been under threat, that they had been under some form of attack and that the ukraine and government wasn't doing anything about it. and only then with authorization of the u.n. security council could be there some legality to this intervention. now, there is of course a difficult aspect that russian populations in these areas seem to have russian presence but this in no way legally justified the russian intervention. >> reporter: okay, i'm just going to cross live to russia. we have president putin giving a
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press conference in his resident just outside moscow so let's listen in. >> translator: under what conditions military force could be used in ukraine. and those military, do they have any relationship to what is going on in -- what is going on in ukraine? . >> translator: i would like to know if there is more about the provocations and threats to russian citizens in ukraine but because a lot of different information. >> translator: if you make a decision to send troops, have you calculated the risks and chemical sanctions and other risks that might lead to broader
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isolation of russia? . >> translator: we have recently the russian rubbles, what consistency do you see to the russian economy? what steps are you going to be taking with regard to this problem? . >> translator: well, firstly, assessment of what has happened
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from ukraine. it's a constitutional reward and military siege of power. nobody argues that. who can argue that? my question, i have a question to myself which i cannot give an answer and my colleagues i also cannot find an answer to that question, it was my colleague, i talked a lot about ukraine situation. the question is that what -- why it has been done. yanukovych had a meeting with three foreign ministers, polish germany and france and people of my representative.
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and they signed agreement between the position and the power, that famous agreement. within which i would like to underscore, whether it's good or bad, within this agreement yanukovych already handed his power over and he agreed to have election to the parliament and snap election to the president and changes to institution in 2014. he reacted positively to our requests and the western countries not to use force. no one gave orders to shoot the demonstrators, protesters. more over he gave order to
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remove all police force out of ukraine but these orders were not followed and he went to the meeting. as soon as he went there, the policy, instead of living those -- the administrative buildings, they seized the government. i'm trying to understand why it has been done, what this was done for, and everybody agrees with it. and all colleagues i talked to during the last days on the pho phone, what was the reason to act against the constitution? they still have the militants
5:39 am
walking around. well, they wish to show off their force, their power but they achieved the opposite result. because with these actions they just shook east and southeast of ukraine. now, how the institution developed, in my opinion, it's a revolutionary situation. it was getting -- it was going forward since the very first days of the ukrainian independence. a common man suffered under koochman and yanukovych. nothing changed, almost nothing changed to the better.
5:40 am
corruption will rise to such levels that here in russia we cannot dream about it. and the division of the society. we handle these things but it's more in ukraine and worsened. and it's going to such levels there, out of limits. and basically people wanted changes, but it's not allowed, we are not allowed to encourage illegal changes. weak economy, weak political institution and there is a need to act in a constitutional way and mistakes have been made.
5:41 am
and i understand those people. and i don't appreciate change of power in such way. i understand it. i understand it. i understand people who demand largest declaration changes but the core changes because they got used to the fact, they realized that some crooks are changed by some other crooks. more over,they take part in the regional powers. they used direct appointment.
5:42 am
so election is not realistic there. now in eastern provinces they are pulling administrators and people rejected. and people got to rich and now they have even been appointed to the power. the head of the administration of him is a crook. he cheated even on the approach when they agreed to the contract and sent him millions of dollars and he just pocketed it.
5:43 am
i don't know how that case ended, whether he has got his money back or i don't know. it was about two, three years ago. it's a true situation that happened. and a crook like this is appointed as a governor. of course people won't be happy. they were unhappy and they will look and they will continue to be unhappy. and those so called legal government and the most important is to give people a chance to decide their fate, the fate of their regions and it must be equal chance regardless of which region of the country they live. are these powers legal? the parliament perhaps but not the other ones.
5:44 am
i can't talk about legitimacy of the president, legally could only be one legal president. this, i said this before but i want to repeat this, the only legal president is yanukovych. only a few reasons why and how the president can be changed. death, impeachment or resignation. and that is constitutional, it's a constitutional procedure and they are long and complex.
5:45 am
and this is why i think this new government made a decision recently to dismiss the constitutional court. not just illegally dismiss the court, but they give -- they requested the prosecutor general to open criminal cases against the judges. that's what you call justice. if there was some crime, if some crime has been committed then law enforcement agency would see by themselves to give orders to them. now financial help in crimea, we made this decision to organize
5:46 am
work of russian federation region, to organize work and help in crimea. when and how and i would like to tell you exactly, but the bordering region with crimea would be organized with help for crimea. regarding using force, at the moment there is no need for that. but there is a possibility. and i can say straight away, military exercises had nothing to do with the situation in ukraine. that exercise has been planned much, much earlier. of course it was not announced.
5:47 am
minister of defense reported to me about this exercise sometime ago and we have a directive to conduct military exercise. as you know yesterday the military exercises was completed and all troops went back to their regular bases. and what could be a trigger for use of power? it's a last resort. first, legitimacy. as you know we have direct requests, like i was saying legitimate president of yanukovych, what we are afraid most of all, we see
5:48 am
nationalists. as you see it in the power of media how one of the governor was chained publically and was thrown water at him and was then detained in the cellar. that is democracy and it's an expression of democracy. but he was appointed recently, just in december, and if you think this is corrupt, then the building of party region was seized. you know, there was no one there. just a couple of staff.
5:49 am
one of the staff came out and asked to let them through, saying that i'm simply an engineer, can you let this woman through and he was shot at immediately. and others were burned alive. when we see these things we understa understand, but what concerns the ukrainian citizens and russia and ukraines who live in the east and south regions, the loneliness consends them and if we see that this lawfulness, this disorder starts in eastern regions, we will use all means
5:50 am
to protect those citizens and we believe that it's absolutely legitimate. and the last resort we believed and will believe that ukraine is not just our nearest neighbor but it's also our brotherly republic neighbor and our armed forces very comrades in armed and look to offices and each other and i'm confident that russia and ukrainian personnel will not be on different sides of the barricade but one side of the barricade. i just want to point your attention to look what happened in crimea, thank god there has been no even single shot fired.
5:51 am
what basically happened, people were located in army units and demanded that they will follow people's power. there was no confrontation, no shot, not even a single shot. and in this way this tense situation in crimea is a possibility of views of military, of army. what we actually did is written what you just enforced or presence there.
5:52 am
that's what we did. and this is correct decision and on time. so and i hope that we wouldn't have to do anything like that in eastern ukraine. but what i was going to say is not competence and we are not going to get involved in that, but i believe that all systems of ukraine must have equal chance for in the future of their country. if i was at so called legitimate power i would hurry up with establishing correct procedures.
5:53 am
and start working towards the ukrainian future because it appears they don't have the program for the future. markets, regarding markets, as you know markets display certain nervousness even before ukrainian events. it relates to many policies. they made second decisions and that decision made and decision interviewed and the economy was more attractive and this is why investors were putting money into american markets. it's absolutely nothing to do with the crimea situation.
5:54 am
russia as well. we clash but that is a fundamental reason. in relationship to ukrainian situation, yes, conflicts always affect stability. but it's a temporary impact. . >> translator: have you expected such a harsh reaction from our western partners towards russia? . >> translator: and if you can tell us, g 8 summit, what would happen? . >> translator: our reaction in g 8, our discussions at the
5:55 am
moment are very confidential and sometimes they take place on closed lines. so i'm not in the liberty to discuss it publically. but i can tell -- i can talk about reaction of public figures. we are often accused in illigitimacy of actions and i have to remind them of afghanistan, libya. they know the resolutions or just police them.
5:56 am
and instead of resolving situations, they can take actions. our partners always clear for themselves from the geo political interests pursue them and then using the press what is not against us, there are others under their influence and those who resent but our position is different. our position -- we are legitimately and even if we decide to make a decision to use
5:57 am
force, it will be according to a proper procedure and legitimate decision only. and we will consider the lesser over the president. and we will consider needs of the people who historically are linked to us and economically and culturally. it is our national interests to protect those people and it's humanitarian action and do not pretend to inflate someone or substance or someone. we will not stand the sight if we see the people repressed and destroyed and tortured.
5:58 am
i really want this not to complete. >> translator: west reaction, west reaction about ukraine and g 8 summit has sanctions. >> translator: i think legislatively regarding sanctio sanctions, those who try to impose a sanctions should think, first of all, about the sequences. i believe that in contemporary world everything is inter linked and everybody depends on one another. that is the first thing.
5:59 am
and, secondly, and i think it's the main, the very main thing. ♪
6:00 am
there's more to it. scomplfrnl the stars coming together for one of the biggest nights in hollywood. warning shots fired in ukraine, russian and ukrainian troops face off in crimea and the prime minister to speak about the foreign policy in the middle east and they say they are being forced to work for free for amazon and headed to the supreme court to make their case. >> but who
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